Traditional Upholstery

This is how things have been done since the Middle Ages - it involves beautiful materials like springs, natural fibres such as cotton and flax, and horsehair for that luxury feel. If you have a chair that was made before 1950, it’s likely to have been built using traditional techniques, where all of the materials are hand-stitched together, layer by layer, to form the shape of the chair. These techniques are slower than modern processes, but are true craft techniques. 



Furniture from the mid-twentieth century onwards starting using different materials like foams, pads and spring units to form the shapes of chairs. If you’ve got a mid-century chair or something a bit more modern that needs a bit of a refresh, we can help with that. 



A cushion can make a huge difference to a piece of furniture or room. We can make bespoke scatter cushions, bolsters, floor cushions - whatever is needed to add that little something extra to your decor.